How Should You Walk So You Won’t Be Labeled A Creep? Reddit’s Got Some Answers

One thing about certain Reddit communities is that they are safe spaces.

Yes, some subreddits are, for lack of better words, cesspools for humourful individuals. But then we have those communities that are moderated well, wherein people follow the rules and exercise proper ‘reddiquette.’

One prime example of such safe spaces is the subreddit r/NoStupidQuestions. This community has been growing strong since 2013, and it is for people to feel free to ask the questions they might be embarrassed or ashamed to ask elsewhere, according to their moderators.

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A particular post caught my eye when I was scrolling through Reddit. I giggled at it when I first read it, but then I paused and thought of a scenario where I’m the one walking alone, in the dark, with a person behind me… Yeah. It is a valid question.

Regardless of the poster’s gender, I applaud them for even thinking of asking this question.

If I was in their position, I’d probably just stay back a bit. Or maybe pretend I’m on the phone, since I’m a slave to my phone anyway, while I try to get past her.

Anyway, the post has been tagged as answered. And the top comment might surprise you.

Yup! Pretending can definitely be one heck of a solution to OP’s problem. If you have thick skin, and maybe if you’re in a hurry, then the above answer might be the one for you. Although, I think it’s more scary if someone runs or walks past me while screaming in general.

That one might be the top comment, but here’s the most upvoted one. As I’ve said earlier, if I were OP, I’d probably just stay back. And it seems like the majority agrees.

Hopefully our dear poster’s mind is now at ease whenever they are walking behind someone alone. The comments under the most upvoted answer provide some great examples on how else to avoid becoming seen as a creep, and some people shared their own experiences.

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No stupid questions, indeed. Kudos as well to the poster! One can never be too careful these days, and the fact that they asked their question just shows how they probably thought about the feeling of safety of the woman/girl that was walking in front of them at that time.

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