Professional Farrier Shares How To Hold A Horse So It Won’t Kick You

Horses often form special bonds with people and are used in sports, work, and even therapy!

Though many people love horses for their unique personalities and hearts, owning one takes a lot of hard work and resources. Horses need space to move around, trailers for transportation, physical and emotional stimulation, and proper grooming, which includes hoof care.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Because of their size and how they’re larger than humans, taking care of a horse can pose challenges compared to smaller animals. Even agreeable horses can put up a fight when it comes to shoeing.

The owner of Heartland Horseshoeing School took to the camera to show just how he handles a horse and avoids getting kicked.

Photo: YouTube/Heartland Horseshoeing School

The school shared on YouTube, “A farrier’s job can often put you in a tough situation. Chris Gregory, owner of Heartland Horseshoeing School gives a quick demo on how to deal with a dangerous horse while trimming.”

In the video, you can see Chris demonstrating how, as a professional farrier, he works on horse hooves without taking a hoof to the face.

Photo: YouTube/Heartland Horseshoeing School

According to the video’s description: “Body placement is key! A horse won’t kick, but they might hand the foot to you fast.”

Check out the video below:

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