Tips On How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

The holidays aren’t over, but can you already feel the impending doom of the inevitable weight gain after all the celebrations?

But I’m not here to talk about us people. Our pets also tend to gain weight during the holidays. Be it because owners are feeling extra generous with the treats, visitors sneaking in some table scraps to give some love to the family pet, or just the general tendency to share the holiday food with our fur babies.

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Cats are crafty little creatures that can swipe the table for a quick snack, and it won’t even take them a second to get what they want, so what should you do to help your cat lose weight if they become overweight over the holidays (or any time of the year)?

They may look cute, sure, but an overweight cat is an unhealthy cat.

First off, take your cat to the vet for further observation and examination. It’s important to get an expert’s opinion when it comes to our pets’ health so a quick visit to the vet should be the first step in your cat’s journey to losing weight.

Another step you can easily do is control how much you feed your cat. In general, an indoor cat should be fed between ⅓-½ cup of food per day. Or, for more accurate measurement, food intake should be about 20 calories per pound of weight. For outdoor or active cats, it’s 35 calories per pound of weight. Again, consult your vet to check how much you should feed your cat.

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In addition to the portion you serve, it’s equally important to pay attention to what you feed your cat. To aid your cat’s weight management, try feeding it a protein- and fiber-rich diet, as that will help your cat feel fuller longer.

As with any other weight loss journey, a restrictive diet is not enough. Exercise is important too! Just ask Cinder about how upsetting it is to have to exercise, but alas, we all need to exercise to stay healthy, cat or not.

At-home exercises can be achieved by simply providing your cats with interactive toys that they can enjoy. Electric toys on the market are perfect for busy people, and there are simple string toys that you can use to bond and play with your cat to keep them moving. Set aside some time to actively play with your pet to avoid sedentary behavior in your cats.

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All these tips should help you aid your cat’s weight loss journey! Again, if you’re unsure about something, go directly and ask your vet. Google is good for research, but it’s still important to get the opinion of your vet, as they can personally check the health status of your pet(s).

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