Hot Controversy Created by Viral Video on How Often You Should Wash Your Clothes

Listening to laundry tips from manufacturers of laundry detergents may not always be a good idea.

This viral video from Washland has received quite a bit of backlash on Instagram and Facebook from people who know about the importance of hygiene. Also, from those who are aware of the psychological benefits of wearing clean, fresh-smelling clothes.

Photo: Instagram Video/washlandco

Washland recommends the following:

  • washing socks after each wear
  • bras after three or four wears
  • shirts after two to four wears
  • pajamas after every three to five wears
  • bedding every two weeks
  • towels once or twice a week
  • denim can be put in the laundry after being worn ten times

And these social media posts were even uploaded at a time when the COVID 19 pandemic remains a global threat and monkeypox was emerging as another alarming infectious disease (and now a global health emergency)!

Photo: Instagram Video/washlandco

Worldwide, people are continually reminded to wash their hands several times a day and to take a bath as soon as coming home. That means changing into new clothes immediately after bathing, with experts further advising that worn clothes should be immediately washed in warm water to kill any deadly virus that might have attached itself to the clothing.

And now that most kids are back at school and most adults are back at the workplace, shouldn’t we be more cautious for the sake of our loved ones? Moreover, sparing ourselves from medical bills that could be accrued by getting ill will certainly be of benefit.

Commenters on social media have valuable insights and (straightforward} advice to share with this company, who claims that their detergent is “Better for you & the planet,” and yet seems to be out of tune with the times as shown by the following comments:

Photo: Instagram Video/washlandco

“With the heat in the south, everything after one wear, but try again…and bedding once a week, even my dog’s bedding,” says one Facebook user.

“I wash everything after every wear, Towels 2/3 times a week, bedding every week. I couldn’t wait 2 weeks for that, maybe its ocd which I have but yeh we move,” says another FB commenter.

“Everything is after one wear. Bedding once a week. Towels after every other use. 🙈 arghhh 🤭😂😂,” remarks another FB user.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user cannot help voicing out, “Nastyyyyyy. Bedding should be changed and washed twice a week. Towels should be changed and washed twice a week. All Clothes should be changed and washed after every wear. If you do it differently you nasty idc.”

Photo: Instagram Video/washlandco

Another comment says, “Lol. Do mention on which part of the world this is valid. It does not apply to the whole world.”

Another candid remark from an Instagram commenter. “Shirts every 2-4 wears? Sure, if I want to smell like an armpit.”

“This changes drastically from person to person, as everyone is different and don’t live the same life,” comments another.

“Probably you are not taught of hygiene,” an Instagram user adds.

While another individual find the video quite incredible, “U wash denim after 10 wears amazing 😶”

But hey, this viral video has a part two! Decide if you’d like to watch it, too, after your experience with this one!

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