Hotel with a Heart: Traveler Posts About a Hotel that’s Given an Old Dog a Forever Home

Aging is just as difficult for dogs as it is for humans.

In fact, many old dogs are often abandoned or returned to shelters because they’re already slow and sickly. Moreover, they are also often the last to be chosen for adoption.

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Dogs are considered senior when they reach 7 years old; with larger dog breeds, aging is a bit sooner. By this time, their health starts to deteriorate and they become more vulnerable to diseases.

Old Dog Haven has posted a sentimental blog that will touch your heart. It made a list of 7 things that your old dog would like to say to you:

  1. I can hardly see and hear anymore. Loss of vision and hearing is common among aging dogs. The signs are subtle, but you may notice that your dog is no longer as attentive as before. There are times that it does not respond to you when you call its name, and it does not move around as much as it used to. Sometimes, it can even get lost around the house, not knowing where its food and water are. When someone touches it, it may get startled or react with a bit of aggression. That’s because your dog isn’t able to see or sense anyone approaching it anymore with its senses now beginning to dull with time.
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  3. I’m a bit more worried now. With dulling senses, it is natural of course that your old dog easily becomes stressed. Joint pain and other aches are another challenge your dog has to endure. Separation anxiety, which it hasn’t felt before, may now also become an issue because of its deteriorating health. Observe your old dog keenly because a new phobia or sudden aggressive behavior may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.
  4. I’m now more prone to coldness. Old dogs tend to react quickly to cold temperature, especially outdoors. Put a sweater on your dog when it’s chilly outside, and make sure that its bed and blanket are warm and comfortable when at home.
  5. My joints ache; that’s why I’m no longer as active as before. When dogs grow old, they are assailed by joint pain and arthritis. These make going up and down the stairs and walking outside difficult. It’s best to consult your vet for any supplements or medications that can help your dog.
  6. Photo: Tiktok/ida2marie
  7. My appetite may still be the same, but my body can no longer burn food as fast as before. Yes, just like humans, as dogs age, their metabolism also slows down. Hence, senior dogs require a different diet than younger dogs. You can ask your vet about the proper diet for aging dogs so you help your pet enjoy a longer life.
  8. I’m becoming more forgetful. If your dog now begins to forget some of the tricks you’ve taught it, don’t feel disappointed. Cognitive ability also deteriorates in dogs as the years pass by. Support your dog with regular vet check-ups along with more love and patience.
  9. I also need more care when getting groomed. At this stage, your dog’s skin is more sensitive and prone to diseases. Help it with grooming since it can’t clean itself as much as before. Trim its nails more often, too, since it’s no longer that active. Consult your vet about supplements or medications you can add to your dog’s food or apply to safeguard its skin health.
  10. Photo: Tiktok/ida2marie

    After reading this, you’ll feel as much appreciation as Ida-Marié Steenkamp for this hotel that’s given an old dog a forever home in South Africa. She posted the story on Tiktok, and it now has 1.7 million views along with thousands of shares and comments.

    Some have made a booking at the hotel because of this old and very hospitable dog named Hazel, while others plan to do so in the future to meet her. Many commenters are encouraging other business accommodations to extend their generosity to old and homeless animals. We all must do our best to spread love and care to other living things in our world.


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