Hospice Nurse Reveals The Reason She’s Not Afraid Of Death

Death and dying are a part of life that many people try not to think about much. It can be scary not knowing what lies beyond the grave.

Some people believe that once you die, that’s the end. But others believe in an afterlife, heaven, reincarnation, and so much more.

No one can be sure what really happens after death, if anything, and that can be terrifying for some people.


Some people are more comfortable with death and dying than others, and one of those people is a hospice nurse named Julie McFadden.

Julie works with people who are passing away to keep them comfortable and to educate and support their families and loved ones throughout the process. The 39-year-old nurse has also taken to TikTok to talk about her job and educate the public on death, dying, and the human body.

Photo: TikTok/@hospicenursejulie

Many of Julie’s posts have gone viral, including one where she shares the reason she’s no longer afraid of death.

In the video, she recalls a time she was working with a patient who was just hours from death. He was a younger man and Julie knew he wouldn’t survive until her next shift when she left him in the care of another nurse.

Photo: TikTok/@hospicenursejulie

According to Julie, right as the patient passed away, she heard him talking to her in her head. The experience altered how she views death and dying and she’s no longer afraid of it.

Check out the video below to hear her experience for yourself:

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You can check out Julie’s TikTok to learn more about death and dying from the perspective of a hospice nurse!

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