Good Samaritans Rescue Horse Trapped In Frozen Lake

A group of Good Samaritans came together to save a horse trapped in the freezing waters of a Wisconsin lake.

According to ABC News, the horse, nicknamed Jack, was found in Wood Lake, Wisconsin.

The horse’s owner was nowhere to be found, but that didn’t stop people from working together to free him.

Speaking with ABC News, the president of the Big Wood Lake Association, Mike Strub, said that he and his neighbors refused to give up on getting Jack to safety, despite the limited resources and subzero temperatures they faced.

Katelyn Quimby was present for the rescue and she took to Facebook to share about it.

She said, “What a scary but amazing adventure! We were all able to come up with a plan to get this handsome fella out of the middle of the lake after struggling for 4.5hours in freezing cold water! He is definitely a fighter!”

She added that the horse didn’t belong to anyone involved in the rescue. She said, “We were informed he was in the lake and everyone jumped to help.!!”

In an update, Quimby shared that the owner of the horse had been located. Apparently,a tree fell on his fencing and the horse took the opportunity to go for a run.

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