Woman Baffled After Finding Horse Stuck In A Puzzling Predicament

Horses are typically shy and gentle creatures, but when they want to, they can be quite bold.

In DeFuniak Springs, Florida, one horse owner found herself immersed in a perplexing mystery. Ann McQueen had come outside only to discover that one of her horses, Pixie, had gotten herself stuck in one of the hay racks!

Photo: flickr/Mary B

It was quite the surprise, but it also had Ann asking a lot of questions.

As Ann explained in an interview with The Dodo about the situation, “Well, there stood Pixie in the hay rack, just looking at me. She wasn’t thrashing, sweating or bleeding, but she was stuck.”

Luckily, Pixie wasn’t injured. She was quite calm about the situation. While that was a good thing that she wasn’t struggling to free herself, Ann still needed to find a way to get Pixie out, but that was easier said than done. Ann quickly realized that she needed help from outside sources.

She got in contact with a local vet who suggested she call the the Walton County Fire Rescue for help. And that is how Ann got in touch with Lieutenant Robin Grandstaff, who is also a horse owner herself. Given her love of horses, Robin was more than happy to assist in Pixie’s rescue.

As the Walton County Fire Rescue shared on Facebook, they had to pull out the Jaws of Life were needed to cut Pixie out of the hay rack.

The entire rescue took roughly 15 minutes. But surprisingly, once Pixie was free of her hay rack trap, she actually needed to be coaxed out – she didn’t seem totally ready to leave. But later, once she was out, it was confirmed that she was fine and didn’t need any medical help.

Of course, it still left Ann and the whole rescue team with the burning question: How did Pixie get herself stuck?

Unfortunately, there was no concrete evidence as to how or why Pixie managed to get herself stuck in the hay rack. But the Walton County Fire Rescue concluded in a post on their Facebook page, “This is what happens when you horse around too much.”

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