A Horse Trio Finally Had Their Most Anticipated Reunion After Four Years Thanks to Their Human Mom

When animals grow up in groups or share the same home, they create bonds that last for a lifetime. They gain best friends they play with daily and do things together. Animals have an excellent sense of loyalty, creating a strong foundation for their friendships. That’s why it’s saddening to see an animal getting separated from their friends. Separation is sometimes inevitable, more so when they grow up on a farm, rescue center, or foster home. Animals may appear unbothered when they part ways, but signs of sadness will appear a few days after.

Photo: Youtube/Sue Blagburn

Nevertheless, their friendships don’t stop there, because years may pass, but they can still recognize their friends. There are numerous animal reunions that you can watch online. Every piece of such content radiates happiness and love — as if the best friends were playing only yesterday. The connection remains even when they are fully grown, and the foundation still exists. Like how Simba recognized Nala in The Lion King, a trio of horses ran towards each other after four years of separation. The reunion video was shared by their human parent, Sue Blagburn. Arthur, William, and Harry were best buds since childhood until Sue had to sell Arthur due to problems at their place.

Photo: Youtube/Sue Blagburn

It was a tough time for Sue, and the two racehorses left with her. The horse mom had Arthur since he was a foal, so she worked hard to get him back. And after four years, Sue’s diligence blossomed, and she was able to repurchase Arthur. Before the reunion, Sue shared that the eight-year-old steed became a thoroughbred sports horse from a high-class private competition yard. For this reason, she was unsure if he still had any memory of William and Harry. However, during their first meet-up, the three racehorses surprisingly ran toward each other. You could definitely feel the joy in every hug they shared.

The video Sue uploaded on Youtube was full of excited gallops, cuddles, and friends goofing around like four years hadn’t passed. It’s like their own way of catching up and making up for the lost time. You’ll truly see how animals cherish their relationships in the four-minute video. Arthur is now back home and will never part ways with William and Harry again. Sue has done an incredible job as their human parent.

Photo: Youtube/Sue Blagburn

It wasn’t just the horse trio’s reunion but also Sue and Arthur’s. The racehorse is back home in South Dartmoor in the UK with the person who has taken care of him since he was a foal. Sue is now managing Awareness with Horses, which provides equine-assisted learning and therapy interventions. Learn more about them by visiting their website, as it might interest you. You could watch the video below to get an introduction and witness the joy of having horses around.

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