Mama Horse Gives Birth To Sacred White Foal

Mothers have a natural tendency to be proud of their young. This includes those mothers in the animal kingdom, such as the horse in this story.

The story occurred in Melbourne, Florida, at the Down Under Colour Ranch. The owners of that ranch, Jackie and Scott Nelson, are proud of the American Paint Horses on the ranch, and they know a lot about them.

Photo: YouTube/downundercolour

Even if you know everything there is to know about raising horses, there are going to be surprises at times. That includes when a horse named Poka gave birth, and the filly was named Coconut.

As the ranch shared on YouTube, Coconut is a rare breed of horse known as a Medicine Hat. Indigenous cultures revered these horses as bringing good luck to those who rode them. That is why only the chief or medicine man could ride such a horse.

In order for a horse to qualify as a Medicine Hat Horse, they have to be completely white. The only markings they should have cover the ears and the top of the head.

Photo: YouTube/downndercolour

Coconut also has a colored patch on her chest, which is also significant. It is considered a shield, further protecting the rider in battle.

One other feature that a Medicine Hat Horse can have is a blue eye with a black line encircling it. Coconut also has that unique feature.

The ranch explains, “This eye in Indian Mythology is called a Sky Eye. If the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle, then this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to their Gods.”

Photo: YouTube/Down Under Colour

We can only imagine how proud Jackie and Scott Nelson were when they first saw Coconut. They started to show her to the world when she was only two days old.

All of the horses were interested in seeing Coconut, and they lined up along the fence to watch. The mother was never very far away, and she even guarded Coconut from any animal or person that got too close.

You can see more about this unique horse in the following video:

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