Find Out The Hilarious Reason Why This Horse Chucked Its Trainer Off Its Back In Viral Video

There have been many stories about pets farting. Some are unashamed, some are totally unaware of their stink attacks, and then there are those who get scared by their own farts.

Much like how an innocent child believes that girls don’t fart, one would think that an adorable pet is incapable of doing anything uncute. But most animals do, in fact, fart. It may not be as audible as a human fart, but it can stink just as much.

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But enough fart facts. I just wanted to share a funny clip about how this pet got scared of its own fart.

What makes this one special is that we often see clips of dogs that do this kind of thing.

Here, we have a horse. A talented, majestic, and huge baby horse.


Life with the baby horses 😂💖

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The video is only 6 seconds long, but it’s almost cinematic with the way the video is relatively quiet, and then, just as the horse lands after jumping, boom!

The horse gets spooked by its own fart and throws its owner off its back, and the video promptly ends.

This may be the immature side of me, but I found this TikTok hilarious. Just imagine it for a sec – think about how serious training a horse can be, and then suddenly you get this comedic turn in the middle of training. It will hurt, no doubt, but that’s just a part of being a showjumper.

Although the video is funny, it’s still considered as dangerous since we’re dealing with a serious profession that deals with potentially deadly animals. Horses can be extremely unpredictable, and trainers know how to deal with spooked horses.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Oleg Didenko

The video’s become viral with 5.4M views. Another horse owner commented on the video and shared that they had a horse like the one in the video.

“Every time she’d buck, she’d fart, every time she’d fart, she’d buck. The circle of life,” they wrote. Such a beautiful yet stinky circle of life.

And to end this with a beautiful quote from one of the comments, “✨He is beauty, he is grace✨”

If you found this interesting, Madison shares a lot of horse training on her TikTok below!

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