Young Colt Plays A Game Of Ball With Wild Elk Outside His Pen

An adorable interaction was filmed between a young horse and a wild elk and it’s bringing joy to people around the world.

According to Storyful Viral, Tamara Miller was watching her eight-month-old horse running around
his pen in the snowy mountains of Montana when a curious wild elk took notice of him.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

It wasn’t long before the elk was “playfully engaged” in a game of ball with the curious colt and participated in all the fun.

Miller managed to film a sweet video of the interaction so you can watch the colt playfully teasing the elk with his ball before tossing it over the fence to the awaiting animal.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

The two really seemed to have fun running up and down the fence line together while the other elk mozied around nearby. It’s beautiful to see how much these two animals could connect, despite being different species and in such different circumstances.

They’re a great example of how friendships really know no bounds. It’s all about having fun and caring for each other.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

You can see the incredible and adorable moment for yourself in the video below:

How cute are they? Have you ever seen an elk interact with a horse before? Let us know!

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