Horse And Cat Become BFFs

It’s always sweet to see two animals become BFFs, but there’s something extra special about friendships between different species of animals.

When an animal of one species befriends an animal of another species, it really goes to show that love and friendship know no bounds.

Rachel Hammes (@rachelhammes) has got to experience this first-hand through watching her two of her pets.

Photo: TikTok/@rachelhammes

Rachel is the mama to a cat named Puddles and a gentle horse. Somehow, the two have become BFFs and their relationship is precious!

Rachel shared videos of the two on TikTok and people can’t get enough.

Photo: TikTok/@rachelhammes

In the clips, you can see Puddles and the horse giving each other snuggles, kisses, and love. They hang out together and Puddles even gets to ride on his horse friend’s back!

Rachel called the duo the “best buddies” and we can see why. It’s clear that they love each other and they even seek each other out!

Photo: TikTok/@rachelhammes

Horses and cats may not be the most natural friendship combination, but these two don’t care about social norms or differences. They like who they like and that’s that.

Check out the adorable videos below:

@rachelhammes Best buddies😠#fyp #foryou #cat #horse #cute ♬ original sound – Largo 😏

@rachelhammes The people have asked for more, so here’s best buddies part 2💕 #fyp #foryou #cat #horse #cute #bestbuddies ♬ Best of Friends – Pearl Bailly
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