Rescuers Headed To Save Abandoned Dog Take Detour When they Spot A Sick Kitten

Animal rescue work is taxing and thankless, but it’s important. Sometimes, animal rescuers end up handling more than they set out to.

When there are so many animals in need, it can be hard to help them all – but sometimes, you have to try.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

Rescuers with Hope For Paws were on their way to a rescue call about a dog that’d been tossed from a moving vehicle. He was skinny and missing patches of fur, so rescuers quickly set out to help him.

As they drove, they stopped to survey an area that often sees homeless, dumped, and neglected animals. As they looked around, one of the rescuers spotted a lifeless kitten under a shopping cart, and she couldn’t turn away. She picked the kitten up and discovered it was still breathing!

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

Even though they were on their way to rescue the dog, there was no way they could leave the cat behind. It needed emergency medical care, so they loaded the cat up and took her with them to the location where the dog was dumped. ltimately, they ended up rescuing two animals that day: the dog, who they named Templeton, and the cat, who they named Fern.

Templeton needed a little TLC, but he was ready to find a loving forever rather quickly and that’s exactly what he went on to do! Templeton was adopted through the Animal Rescue Mission and is now living his best life.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

As for Fern, she needed more extensive medical care. Once she was recovered, she was listed for adoption through the Kitty Bungalow. Hopefully she finds her happily ever after soon enough!

You can watch their rescue in the video below:

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