Stray Dog Kissed By Betty White Finds A Place To Call Home

A stray dog living on his own was given a second chance at life thanks to rescuers with Hope For Paws.

When the animal rescue received a call about a stray dog living in an abandoned lot, they immediately dispatched rescuers to the scene.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel

According to a release from Hope For Paws, rescuers were able to quickly locate the dog, but their work didn’t end there.

The poor pup was so spooked that he kept running away. The rescuers set up a net, but the pup slipped through it. Eventually, they were able to use two nets and corner him by a fence. The dog didn’t understand that the rescuers were there to help and he tucked his head in to hide.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel

As soon as the rescuers got a closer look at the little dog, they named him Einstein. The pup was terrified at first, but it didn’t take long before he was ready to open up and accept love from the people who saved him.

Once at the vet, it was discovered that Einstein had a bit of healing to do before he could be placed in a forever home. His skin was full of foxtails and some required surgery to remove.

During his time in recovery, Einstein was visited by a special guest: Betty White.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

Not many pets had the privilege of being greeted by the late Betty White, but Einstein was one of them! He even got to be on television as part of his meet-and-greet with the actress and animal lover.

After two months of healing, Einstein had found his perfect forever home. He transformed inside and out and is now living a beautiful life.

Check out his rescue video below:

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