Rescuer Wins Over Abandoned Dog With A Yummy Treat

Being in the rescue business isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be quite emotional at times seeing just how cruel or neglectful people can be towards animals.

Sadly, sometimes you get multiple calls in the same area, too. When Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws was called about a dog hiding under a car, he quickly noticed that it was in the same neighborhood he had another call.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

As Hope For Paws shared on YouTube, only a block away, he had been a part of a rescue for another dog – a husky named Miley – who had been abandoned on a trash heap. The poor dog was left in terrible condition, and it was just heartbreaking.

As Eldad went to the latest call, he was relieved to find that the stray dog hidden beneath the car was not in as bad of a condition as Miley. However, he also found that there was going to be another challenge to the rescue: the dog’s temperament.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

The little dog, Bella, was scared. Many times, stray dogs living on the street are so traumatized that they act out aggressively because of fear. For Bella, she wasn’t ready to trust strangers. She was snarling at the people trying to help her.

While some people might have seen her as a lost cause, Eldad was not about to give up on Bella. Luckily, his persistence paid off after offering Bella some food.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws-Official Rescue Channel

As soon as she was given something to eat, her mood started to change and she started to wag her tail.

She was then taken into the care of the Much Love Animal Rescue.

Watch Bella’s rescue down below:

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