Heartwarming Video Shows Argentina Fans Including Homeless Man in World Cup Win Celebration

People say that sports bring people together. Whether you’re rooting for different teams, you’re all still enjoying one game, right?

The significance of any community, the sense of kinship, also noticeably heightens whenever international sports events occur so that even if you’re physically far away from the event, you still feel the same thrill of watching a game on TV as if you’re actually sitting on the seats of an arena.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Thomas Serer

When it all comes to an end though, what an exhilarating feeling! Even if you’re not a sports fan, just watching people celebrate can also bring a smile to your face. The joy is palpable, it’s contagious.

The FIFA World Cup just ended last month and people were out on the streets of Buenos Aires to celebrate Argentina’s win.

A video of a particular celebration went viral, but instead of making you smile, it might just make you cry!

In the video, a person is seen hugging a homeless person in the middle of the celebrating street. Then another person comes into the frame, in the middle of taking off his shirt, in order to give it to the homeless man. He hugs the homeless man after and then leaves.

PHOTO: Reddit/dobbyisafreepup

Cars are honking in the background to add to the celebration, and people are seen smiling at the heartwarming scene happening in front of their eyes. You can hear other people chanting and cheering him on as he wears the jersey.

Crying, the homeless man falls to his knees in the middle of wearing it. He makes the sign of the cross and gives thanks to heaven. He is smiling throughout the whole video.

The video ends with other people coming near the man to hug and cheer with him as they celebrate their country’s win.

PHOTO: Reddit/dobbyisafreepup

I couldn’t find the original video anymore, but there are lots of reposts available. The original post may have been deleted because of toxic comments and people who refuse to just enjoy the wholesome scene.

And as one person in the Reddit comment said, “The man was appreciative, so all you naysayers can just queue up for your salt lick.”

Lots of things happen in this world, and it wouldn’t hurt to appreciate things as they happen. There’s no need to dissect content such as this wholesome video. People were out to celebrate a win, and that should be that.

Watch the video below!

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