Build Your Own Tiny Home with This $45,000 Home Depot Kit

For many years, the trend was considered to be, ‘bigger is better.’ That trend continues to exist with some, but these days, there is a trend heading in the other direction.

Living simply certainly does have its benefits, but how far are you willing to take it? If you are somebody who dreams of the simplicity of a tiny home, then Home Depot has something they would like to show you.

Tiny homes come in many different shapes and sizes, although tiny is always the focus. Some people are even able to live large in a tiny home because they can do so on a budget.

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That is where this tiny home kit from Home Depot comes in. If you have a DIY mindset and would like to have the little home of your dreams, then you can purchase this tiny home kit for $45,000.

What Comes With The Tiny Home Kit?

The framing kit is officially known as the PLUS 1 Getaway Pad. The kit provides the frame for the tiny home, which includes one bedroom, an optional rooftop deck, and a spiral staircase.

When you purchase this kit, you are essentially purchasing a steel exterior structure. You can assemble the structure completely using the supplied items, but you will still have some work to do on the interior.

After you put the kit together, you still have to do the plumbing, electrical, and finishing touches. The kit also does not include any furnishings.

What you do get, along with the supplies, is a downloadable plan so you can stick to the specifications. If you want something unique, there are ‘allowances in the steel frame structure design’ so you can create the space to your own needs.

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In order to take care of necessary items such as water, sewer, and zoning, there are consulting packages available. You will pay anywhere from $995 up to $3995, depending on which package you choose.

One of the benefits of this prefab kit is the ease of installation for electrical and plumbing. There are pre-fabricated holes that allow you to install those items quickly and easily.

Tiny homes do have their benefits but they aren’t for everyone. If you feel you would love living this simple, grab the documentation from Home Depot and read it carefully.

Who knows, perhaps you might be living simply before you know it.

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