Home Depot Employees Work Together To Reunite Customer With Envelope Full Of Cash

Home Depot employees in Nashville, Tennessee are being praised after reuniting a customer with an envelope full of cash.

It all started when Adam Adkisson noticed an envelope on the floor in Aisle 22 and decided to investigate.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

In an interview with WSMV, Adam said: “I didn’t think anything of it at first. I thought it was empty, but I thought I’d go back to make sure and when I picked it up, I could feel that It had stuff in it. It had money.”

It wasn’t a small amount of money in the envelope either, but it had a total of $700 cash inside. While some people would’ve pocketed the money, Adam immediately turned it into his manager, Alissa Rocchi.

Photo: Flickr/Jonathan Cutrer License: CC0 1.0 Universal

Rocchi wanted to locate the person who was missing the envelope so they turned to social media for help.

According to WSMV, Rocchi said it wasn’t long before a man named Mark reached out claiming the envelope belonged to his partner who was “panicking” over losing it.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/John Phelan License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Johnathon Clayton, the owner of the envelope, was able to confirm the envelope belonged to him and he was so relieved to be reunited with it!

Clayton reportedly returned to the Home Depot location to personally thank the employees for going above and beyond and reuntinnig him with his envelope and cash.

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