How To Keep Your Pets Calm And Entertained When They Are Home Alone

Don’t you hate it when you need to run an errand quickly but have to leave your pet alone in the house?

Maybe pets aren’t allowed where you’re going or you’re just expecting to be gone for a few minutes, an hour tops, whatever the case may be, there’s something unsettling whenever you need to leave your pet alone in the house.

Of course, there are some instances, like when you need to go to work, where taking your pet with you is out of the question. That leaves them alone in your home for quite a few hours.

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Though they say that cats and dogs perceive time differently than humans, pets are also said to live in the moment. Nonetheless, our furry friends can get bored easily when their owners aren’t around, so here are some tips that can help keep your pets safe and entertained while they’re alone in the house.

Safe Space

Have a dedicated space for your pets when you need to leave them alone. Maybe they already have a room of their own or maybe a closed-off area in a part of your home or apartment where they have their beds and toys around. Having this space prevents them from harming themselves or wrecking the home in case they get restless when you’re gone.

Engaging Toys and Enriching Activities

There are a lot of toys or feeders available that are marketed as some sort of puzzle for our pets. Leave some around the house to keep them busy, entertained, and mentally stimulated. Filling up some toys with treats when available is also ideal; this makes the toys more enticing for our pets and makes the toys more unlikely to be ignored.

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And then cats have scratcher posts/beds, but did you know that dogs have snuffle mats? Like some pet toys, these snuffle mats can also be used to hide some tiny treats for the dogs to hunt. And then there are automated catchers, lasers, and the like which can be perfect to keep our pets entertained. And if you have a pet camera, that’s top tier entertainment for you as well!

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Two Birds With One Stone

This one involves literal birds. And no, this doesn’t include harming them. This one is for those who have pet cats specifically. If your pets have their safe space near a window, or if they’re just free-roaming the home, set up a bird feeder near a window or in the actual window via a window feeder. This provides food for the birds, while simultaneously giving your pets free entertainment. It’s a TV without electricity for them, and that’s a cost-effective way to keep them entertained!

PHOTO: Unsplash/Leighann Blackwood
There you have it! Three simple tips to keep your pets entertained while they’re alone in the home! Invest in a pet cam in order to keep you entertained as well! Having one will give you a sense of security as well when you leave your fur baby alone in the house.
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