Are Pet Tables the New Kids’ Tables During the Holidays? It’s a Real Thing!

So, since Americans aren’t having as many children and more and more people view their pets as their kids, it should come as no surprise that many of the traditions involving our actual offspring would be taken over or passed down to our furry kids. In this case, we’re specifically discussing the holiday tradition of relegating children to the kids’ table. Yup, the very same table you hated sitting at beyond a certain age is now being occupied by doggos whose humans treat them like the family they are.

The Kids’ Table

Depending on your household, you either loved the opportunity to sit away from all of the boring old folks talking about things you couldn’t have cared less about or you were a tad miffed to still be stuck there. Well, you can bet that a fur baby with a full plate in front of them would relish the chance to dine with the rest of the kids. And this isn’t a mix-and-match scenario where kids and dogs get to belly up to the same feast. People are now setting holiday tables with doggy diners as the main focus.

dog at table
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Pet Tables

If you love the idea, then you may want to decorate with safety in mind. You should already be aware that there will be one heck of a mess to clean up afterward, so you’ll want to lay some plastic sheeting down on the floor beneath the table to start. Next, if you’re going to decorate, make sure there’s nothing within reach for them to eat or destroy that is either poisonous or fragile. You can always check first with the Pet Poison Helpline or the ASCPA’s Animal Poison Control to ensure there are no life-threatening/costly slip-ups.

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Holiday Ambiance

There are a few other details you should bear in mind, like the height and stability of the table you’re planning on using. If it’s too high, you’ll need to include chairs, and that can take up extra room. The second and most important thing besides poisoning is the fact that dogs, much like unruly kids, will try to throw their paws on the table to gain a better angle on their meal. If they’re heavy, or if more than one dog piles on, you could be looking at the legs collapsing and everything ending up on the floor. We’re envisioning the Bumpuses’ dogs eating their neighbors’ Christmas dinner right about now.

Seriously, without someone sitting down supervising their every move, it could be total mayhem, so be sure you’ve thought this through first. Good luck and happy holidays!

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