It’s Time for Holiday Pet Photos and Greeting Cards Featuring Your Favorite Fur Babies with Santa!

The holidays are upon us, signaling the need for involved pet parents to get on the stick and start thinking about photos with Santa or greeting cards featuring their fuzzy little pride and joy. If you’re dying to create lasting images of your fur kids sitting on Santa’s lap or group shots to be sent out as Christmas cards, don’t wait until the last minute like last year and flub it. There are places you can go besides the mall to get pictures taken with holiday backdrops and props to add to your photo album.

Santa and dog
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PetSmart is one of many pet product and service providers that offers photo opps for holiday pet pix. In addition to allowing you to strike a pose together (come on and vogue!), they’ve got fun holiday-themed accessories to adorn your pooch in — assuming you don’t have your own props. Of course, there’s always the option of Buttons sitting on Santa’s lap. The images are professional quality and, if you’re really that into it, worthy of framing. The best part is you can use them as your Christmas card image if you weren’t on top of that back in October.

Christmas greetings
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Minted Stationery

Speaking of Christmas cards, an online business by the name of Minted provides pet holiday cards so you can send a furry greeting with your best bud front and center. They even include cutesy sentiments like “Happy Howl-I-Days” with the letter “I” shaped as a dog bone, “Unleash the Holidays,” “Cold Nose, Warm Wishes,” and one fessing up to “I Did Eat the Fruit Cake.”

All you do is upload a photo into your chosen design and they create the cards for you and ship the order. There are plenty of designs to choose from, and you can receive orders by December 24 with free expedited shipping. Another brand known as Simply to Impress offers similar products. With options like these, who needs to leave the house?

Christmas dogs
Photo: Pixabay/oliverromero

Tips for Taking Perfect Pet Pictures

For DIYers who wants to take their own pet pix rather than brave the madding crowds and/or break the bank, there are a couple of tips for taking the perfect shot. According to pet photogs, just as you’re snapping the pic, try blowing into a harmonica, whistle, or even a toy kazoo.

Lighting, which is one of the most important components to successful photography, shouldn’t be discounted. Natural light works best, so try early in the morning or late afternoon. Also, avoid using a flash, get down eye level with them, and concentrate on close, simple shots.

Christmas dog
Photo: Pixabay/miezekieze

Professional Pet Photographers

If you simply must have the best, consider a professional pet photographer. Do an online search for them in your area and you’ll be stunned at the number of them these days.. You’d be surprised how many specialize in the subject matter. Most of them are independent. Whatever you decide, now’s the time to get it done, if you’re going to do it.

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