This Crazy Cat’s Hobby Is Acting Like a Hole Punch

Most cats are weird in one way or another, and many of them like to help their owners work from home in the most inconvenient of ways, but this one takes the cake when it comes to acting like just another tool in your office supply closet.

That’s right – Dexter’s hobby is acting like a genuine hole punch every chance he gets. And we’re here for it, even though it’s a total weirdo move.

Photo: Facebook/Furry Tails

Dexter has a peculiar love-hate relationship with cardboard, and, any chance he gets, he loves to put little holes all over in a piece of cardboard with his teeth. His owner has countless videos of the cute orange feline viciously chomping down into a piece of cardboard over and over again until there’s barely anything left of the material.

He scrunches his little nose up with each forceful bite, and, well, you might just not be able to get enough of watching him. He’s about to have a cult following on his hands, if we had to guess.

Photo: Facebook/Furry Tails

We’re not really sure what the point of this unique activity is. Perhaps he’s sharpening his teeth for nefarious nighttime activities, or maybe he just likes the sensory input that the feeling of cardboard on his teeth provides. Maybe cardboard is his mortal enemy after it committed a crime so evil it must not be spoken of. No one will probably ever know for sure.

Photo: Facebook/Furry Tails

Luckily, Dexter has an amazing owner who purposely saves pieces of junk cardboard that would ordinarily be thrown in the recycle bin just to be able to provide Dexter with an outlet for his crazy obsession. And, even better, the owner films videos when giving Dexter pieces of cardboard so that we can all enjoy his antics together online.

Check out this montage of Dexter popping some holes in cardboard to brighten up your day a little:

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