Hippo Siblings Engage in a Hilarious Yet Adorable Quarrel in Cincinnati Zoo

Sibling relationships differ in every family, but one common denominator is fighting with each other for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because you just want to annoy them, or get their attention. It’s a rather complex way of expressing love towards siblings, which is both adorable and hilarious. A day won’t pass by without screaming and throwing insults at one another. You and your siblings will be fighting about the smallest matters. Your parents are completely desensitized from those daily banters because all of you have been doing it since you were kids. Of course, you will outgrow such childish ways and have fun in a better way. But as kids, sibling quarrels are normal — testing out who has the upper hand and has the last laugh.

Photo: Twitter/NowThisNews

Interestingly, such behavior is not only found in humans but also animals. You can notice sibling quarrels between your pets in the form of physical fights. Situations get rowdy when young animals square with each other. It may seem troublesome, but you’ll know when the fight is more than a sibling bond. Some animals fight their brothers and sisters like humans — they vocally quarrel to see who roars the loudest. Hippo siblings recently caught the attention of the internet with the funny banter Cincinnati Zoo shared with NowThisNews.

The stars of the Zoo are older sister Fiona and younger brother Fritz, along with their momma hippo. But even though the two were causing a commotion, the mother seems unbothered, like it was part of their daily routine. The little hippo really was trying to put on a brave face even though his sister Fiona is bigger than him. Seems like Fritz got the courage from their mother behind them — she might scold sister Fiona if she gets too harsh on him. The silly banter became a source of comedy for Twitter users, and it received 36k views. A lot of the netizens might have found the video relatable. Do you and your siblings fight like the adorable hippos in the video below?

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