A Man with a Hilarious Resume Got Hired and Is Now Widely Praised on the Internet

Finding the right job and getting hired should always have a concrete strategy. It’s a competition out there — you have to put your best foot forward. Creatively advertise yourself so that employers take notice of you. Build an impression starting from your resume. This piece of paper will be one of the bases to help companies hire a person. The layout shouldn’t just be well-organized and full of achievements — it has to contain something that will cause a reaction from hiring managers.

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For this reason, it’s important to think outside the box to ensure your place in the competition. Some people make creative resumes to showcase their artistic side. A few even create a promotional videos — a minute-long introduction to strongly show creativity and intelligence. The internet has been amazed by various people who submit impressive resumes. One of these resumes are hilarious and have opened a conversation on Reddit. It has the internet amazed and laughing — thankfully, he was hired.

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The Reddit post was shared with the public by a person with the username, CompasslessPigeon. He posted it with the caption, “Wife’s employer received this resume for a position. He got an interview because the manager couldn’t stop laughing.” Now that’s a trick you have to take note of — make hiring managers feel something from your resume. CompasslessPigeon uploaded the photo of the resume, and it was unlike any other. The man listed his job experiences but with a very straightforward description. It seems that he doesn’t like to go around circles.

The man showed honesty in such a comical way. It was indeed an interesting topic in which a lot of people may have learned a thing or two. A real-life experience and hilarious content made the post earn 5k comments. The thread was filled with laughter, individual stories, and praises for the man with the genius move. One comment even earned 16.1k upvotes. Those people agreed with what ThrowawayNo4910 said, “You can’t knock them for being concise and direct at least, If a little blunt lol. I’d rather read this than a resume someone padded with fluff and no substance. ‘They saw how serious I was with the job’ and a laughing emoticon at the end.

ThrowawayNo4910’s comment also started its own thread, some comments of which also gained thousands of upvotes. The man’s bluntness was the key factor why many people admired him, and he introduced himself most naturally. Llamalover729 also pointed this out in the comment, “I’ve seen so many 4+ page resumes, gotta appreciate someone who is concise.” Yes, the effectiveness of your resume does not depend on how many pages it has. Don’t give hiring managers a hard time by adding too much information. Remember to be concise and leave details that aren’t related to the position you are applying for.

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If you are currently in the middle of finding work, you can go visit the Reddit post and see other advice you can gather on the thread. Also, if you are a hiring manager, you can join the conversation and share your thoughts regarding the matter. Although hilarious, people can gain a lesson from these kinds of posts. Fresh graduates and currently unemployed people might need brand new ideas — which they can use as an inspiration on the road they are about to take.

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