Hiker Finds Kitten In The Woods And Gives Him A New Home

A man set out to complete a 21K hike, but instead, he adopted a tiny kitten.

The man, who runs the YouTube channel hike me a river, is known to “hike big distances to remote locations.” He showcases those hikes on the channel from a unique POV camera angle.

Photo: YouTube/hike me a river

On a recent 21K hike along a river, the man ended up coming home with a lot more than he bargained for. You see, during his hike, he ran across a little kitten.

“You’re really cute, but I can’t take care of you,” he can be heard saying in the video.

Photo: YouTube/hike me a river

Fast forward a few weeks, and the kitten is comfortably settled into his new home complete with a cat tower, a soft bed, a kitten food bowl, lots of toys, and a custom litter box.

The hiker may not have gone into his half-marathon hike as a cat dad but he sure came out as one! He’s someone who seems to understand the saying, “Go big or go home,” and he seems to be applying that concept to pet ownership as well.

Photo: YouTube/hike me a river

In the comments on the video, he wrote: “It’s a huge responsibility. It’s not enough just to take him home, you have to put the effort after that so he turns out a good cat.”

You can see his encounter with the kitten on the 21K hike in the video below:

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