Can You Spot The Sneaky Mountain Lion Stalking An Elk?

Do you ever feel that things escape your notice? Are you regularly told that you can’t see something that is right in front of your face?

Then you will have an especially difficult time spotting the mountain lion stalking an elk in the following picture:

If you can’t see the mountain lion right away, don’t feel bad. They have a unique ability to hide from view. The photo was initially shared by theU.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, but recently resurfaced thanks to the popular Instagram account, Nature Is Metal.

The images were taken by a trail cam and although they are old, they are still interesting.

Take some time to study the picture and see if you can spot the cougar. The photo was taken at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

Don’t worry, we will show you later where you can find the mountain lion.

Various pictures were taken over a two-minute period to show the event taking place. In some of the pictures, it is easier to see the mountain lion.

Once you see the cougar clearly, you can’t un-see it. It may not be easy to spot in every photo, but it becomes painfully obvious that he is hiding and about ready to try for a meal.

Photo: Instagram/@natureismetal

Nobody knows what happened to the mountain lion or the elk. They eventually moved out of view of the camera.

The pictures are interesting, as they show the ability of cats and other animals to hide from view. At the same time, it is a little disconcerting that we don’t always know what is going on around us.

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