A Bus Driver Is a Hero on Wheels After Saving a Student from a Fast-Moving Car

Accidents can happen anytime, especially on the road. That’s why traffic rules are implemented to avoid perilous situations. Both drivers and pedestrians need to follow regulations, even though can be inconvenient. As a driver, you must remember everything you’ve learned before you earned your license. It is your responsibility to make streets, roads, and highways safe for everyone — adhere to traffic regulations, or you’ll end up in an accident as well. One of the places where you need to be extremely considerate and alert is in school zones.

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Drivers are supposed to slow down because children might suddenly appear out of nowhere. Sometimes out of playfulness, young pedestrians would cross without adult supervision — take it easy with the gas pedal every time you pass by schools. Ensure that you honk in blind spots to warn anyone of an approaching vehicle. One kid in Ohio almost became a car accident victim if it weren’t for their school bus driver. It was indeed terrifying, especially when you notice that the car did not slow down, even when the school bus was clearly unloading a student.

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Thanks to April Wise’s quick reflexes, she was able to pull the kid’s bag before he got off the bus. It was a scary experience for April since it was her first year as a school bus driver. “If I would have been a second late or something or not seen it, he would have got hit,” April said in an interview. “He’s one of my quickest students and tries to hurry up and get off the bus. It was just mother instincts [that] kicked in, it was like, ‘I gotta make sure the child is okay.’” Her heroic deed was recognized by the school district as exemplary and eye-opening. They also shared the footage on social media to spread awareness about the traffic issue.

“I talked to my colleagues throughout the county, and we see this on a frequent basis. Cars are just not stopping for the red lights. This is not the first time that we’ve had a driver save a student and have video of it,” Paula Crew, superintendent from TECUMSEH Local Schools said in an interview on Good Morning America. The school organized an event to show appreciation and recognition for the hero behind the wheel. Parents also praised April’s work as a bus driver, which is not only to provide transportation but also to ensure students arrive at school and return home safely. The student’s mother expressed gratitude and mentioned how her son proudly shared the story as soon as he got home that day.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

“I didn’t expect all of this and stuff because I just see myself as just doing my job,” April said. Aside from being an exemplary citizen, April also became a model for school bus training in the Ohio Department of Transportation. They applauded how she looked in the mirror while students got off the bus. It’s a bit of driving etiquette usually forgotten by drivers, but it’s a detail vital for safety. If April did not look out for everyone through the bus mirror, she wouldn’t be able to swiftly save her passenger. May the incident be a reminder to follow traffic rules and safety regulations. Be a responsible driver and show that you deserve to have a license.

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