Hero Bus Driver Leaps Through Driverless Car Window To Stop It From Crashing

There’s a popular saying that not all heroes wear capes, and we see just how true that is day in and day out. Recently, a Turkish bus driver stepped up as a hero when a driverless car began dangerously rolling down the road.

While people may not put much thought into bus drivers in general, they play a vital role in our communities by ensuring that people can travel safely and efficiently to their destinations. They are skilled professionals who are responsible for the safe and smooth operation of large vehicles, often carrying dozens of passengers. It’s a series job!

Photo: Reddit/u/RaLaughs

One of the most impressive aspects of bus drivers is their ability to multitask. They must navigate through busy streets and highways, while at the same time keeping track of the schedule, checking fares, and ensuring the safety of their passengers among other things.

In many ways, bus drivers are unsung heroes of our transportation system. They work long hours, often in challenging conditions, to provide a vital service to our communities. But some bus drivers take things a step further by performing blatant heroic actions in the face of an emergency.

Photo: Reddit/u/RaLaughs

According to BNN, that’s just what happened recently in Aydin, Turkey. When a bus driver noticed a driverless car rolling down the street, he knew the car was putting lives at risk.

Rather than standing by and waiting for the car the crash, the driver leaped from the bus and jumped through the window of the moving vehicle to put it in park!

Photo: Reddit/u/RaLaughs

He put his life at risk, but he successfully managed to stop the driverless car before any damage was done.

The moment was caught on the dash camera of the bus and shared widely across social media. Reddit user u/RaLaughs shared it to the subreddit r/nextf*ckinglevel where it received thousands of upvotes of and hundreds of comments.

Photo: Reddit/u/RaLaughs

“Quick thinking, calm response, and flawless execution. All excellent traits for a bus driver!” one person commented. “This guy is Batman,” another added.

Check out the video below:

Bus driver jumps into a driverless car through window and stops it.
by u/RaLaughs in nextfuckinglevel

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