Look at How This Hermit Crab Happily Came Out of Its Shell for a Sugary Cookie Treat!

Desserts can truly excite anyone — even kids can finish their veggies if parents mentioned their favorite sweet treat. Eating a bite or two can already supply the body with enough dopamine to lighten your mood. It’s definitely a treat for yourself when you’re feeling low. Some people even have their own go-to sweets, which they keep in their houses, such as candies or small biscuits. That’s why pastry shops, bakeries, and candy stores are a wonderland for a lot of people. Those places are their source of happiness and rewards for themselves.

Photo: Unsplash/Mae Mu

Animals can also indulge in sweet snacks, primarily fruits. There are others who can enjoy baked goods since businesses have created recipes for pet sweets. The ingredients used for the recipe are, rest assured, safe for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals. You can find a variety of recipes that you can make at home. Your babies will definitely be happy with those treats, such as an animal-friendly cake for their birthday.

Photo: Reddit/Butterfly_Heaven101

Aside from adorable fur babies, a particular crustacean has shown excitement for a sugary cookie. Humans rarely see this, making the Reddit video more interesting and worth the upvote. Butterfly_Heaven101 uploaded the clip with the caption, “Excited hermit crab instantly comes out of her shell for a sugar cookie & makes a happy grumble!” A sugary cookie was enough to get her out of her shell — many people can surely relate to that motivation. It must have been one of her favorite snacks, and she’s got to have it immediately.

The Reddit post has earned 5.8k upvotes and hundreds of comments. People couldn’t help but gush in the comment section. Others also expressed their shock that hermit crabs can make a sound. ChargedFirefly shared that he’ll watch more endearing hermit crab videos to eliminate his fear of the crustacean. The short clip can certainly make you see crabs in a different light — no matter how hard their shell is, they have a sweet-loving side. Share this Reddit post with a loved one interested in hermit crabs or who fears them. The video is undoubtedly a good source of happiness, like sugary cookies.

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