Herd Of Elephants Celebrate Together When New Calf Is Born

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to witness elephants after a new elephant was born, it doesn’t take long to realize that it is a special event. Elephant herds are known for celebrating that moment and trumpeting it out for the world to hear.

That was also the case at Kenya’s Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, but they were celebrating on an entirely different level. You see, they have a herd of elephants that are made entirely up of orphans, and for the first time in eight years, a new elephant was born.

Photo: YouTube/Sheldrick Trust

Only one time in the past had the staff at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ever witnessed the birth of an elephant. It happened back in 2014, just before Christmas when a mother delivered her second daughter.

Again this October on the 29th, wild elephants gathered together near the Ithumba stockades. They commonly hang out in that area when it is the dry season but suddenly there was a commotion and a lot of movement going on.

Head Keeper Benjamin recognized that something was happening and then he saw that something had fallen from within the elephant herd. Wild bulls were suddenly running off into the distance with their ears flapping and trumpeting loudly.

Photo: YouTube/Sheldrick Trust

Although the elephants seemed a little confused over what was happening, including some of the older females, they also disappeared very quickly.

Benjamin wasn’t quite sure what was going on but some of the females, Melia, Loijuk, Kinna, Kitirua, Kalama, and Olare came back to the area. That is when he realized that the birth of an elephant had just taken place. Melia was the proud mother.

Melia came to the park when she was only 11 months old. She was an orphan and for 11 years, she has been doing quite well with the herd and with the care that was being provided.

Photo: YouTube/Sheldrick Trust

On the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website, it said:

“In fact, Melia was as surprised as we were to find herself a mother! Initially, she seemed flummoxed by the tiny baby lying before her. That’s where her more experienced friends stepped in, helping the first-time mum come to grips with the situation.”

Loijuk, another female, lifted the baby and put him on his feet. The bulls that had previously left were stunned by what was happening and suddenly, Melia knew what needed to be done.

Photo: YouTube/Sheldrick Trust

She came over and wrapped her trunk around the new baby elephant and guided him to an area where he could nurse. It was something that happened naturally, although it did take some time before they figured things out.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust also spoke about how some elephants are more nurturing than others. They said that Melia was never one to show an interest in babies but it seems as if she has gotten beyond that now.

Watch the video below to see the moment for yourself:

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