Giant Seal Brings Traffic To A Halt In Beachside Town

A small town in Australia had an unexpected visitor when a massive seal decided to exit the water and roam the streets.

According to TODAY, Henry the seal was filmed in the small town of Point Lonsdale in Victoria.

Photo: YouTube/

It started when he was first spotted coming from the water of Port Philip Bay before leisurely waddling through the parking lot to a nearby service station.

Onlookers gawked as Henry blocked traffic and made quite a scene. Police officers even came to offer assistance and ensure no one got too close to the massive marine mammal.

Photo: YouTube/ shared footage of the animal on YouTube and you can see how much mischief he’s getting into as he crosses the street and takes up multiple parking spaces.

According to, this isn’t Henry’s first time to make the news in the town. In fact, he’s been a popular tourist attraction for years and has narrowly escaped trouble.

Photo: YouTube/

Per the outlet, Henry has reportedly left dents in carts and possibly crushed a motorcycle while wandering around Bellarine!

You can see footage of Henry’s latest antics in the video below:

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