Vietnam Veteran Living In Backyard Shed For 4 Years Is Surprised With Newly Restored Home

A U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran who had been living in a shed in his backyard for the past four years finally has a place to call home.

Henry Alvarado was forced to live in the shed after living conditions in his San Antonio home became unlivable.

Photo: YouTube/KSAT 12

Eventually, Alvarado’s sad situation was recognized by the City of San Antonio’s Veterans Affairs Department, who knew they had to do something immediately to help.

A representative from the department got in touch with “Adapt a Vet,” a nonprofit organization that works with construction partners to make home adaptations for veterans. Their goal is to help veterans become more independent and self-sufficient with a better quality of life and safer homes.

Photo: YouTube/KSAT 12

Michael Contungo, co-founder of Adapt a Vet, paid a visit to Alvarado’s home with his team of volunteers from Mammoth Contracting, and immediately agreed to help with the project.

It turns out that all of the electrical work, along with all of the plumbing, was all out of compliance. The home also did not have central heat or air.

Contungo and his team worked hard for two years to completely renovate Alvarado’s home. Not only is everything now up to code, but the house also has six security cameras so that he can feel extra secure.

Photo: YouTube/KSAT 12

The home features a new dining room, and was even made ADA compliant, in case Alvarado ever needs a wheelchair.

Alvarado was overcome with emotion during the renovation of his home.

“He just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,'” Contungo told KSAT 12.

Hear more of this heartwarming story in the video below:

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