Find Out Which Dog Breeds Have the Longest and Healthiest Lifespans!

One of the things we wish for when we have a pet dog is spending many happy years together.

Playing, taking walks in the park, watching movies, preparing dinner for everyone, talking to your dog while it responds with barks, hugging it with sweetness, and your dog licking you with happiness.

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Yes, it can be regretful that dogs do not live as long as humans. But, when adopting a dog, you can make a choice among dog breeds with a longer, healthier lifespan.

Want to find out which dog breeds they are? Here’s a list of them:

  1. Australian Cattle Dog. This dog breed holds the record for the oldest dog to have ever lived at 29 years old based on the Guinness Book of World Records. Also called Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler, this high-spirited dog breed is known for smartness, mental keenness, strength, and agility. “These dogs live so long because they are naturally active, which means they get a lot of health benefits from exercise,” said Jeff Neal of The Critter Depot. “But they are also a small to medium-sized dog, which means they don’t have a lot of weight to lumber around that breaks down their cartilage faster.”
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  3. Chihuahua. This dog breed is the smallest in the world, but enjoys a long and healthy lifespan of up to 20 years with proper care according to Dr. Rachel Barrack. Known as Mexico’s icon, this dog’s history goes back to the pre-Columbian times. Yes, despite its tiny size, a chihuahua is full of charm, energy, and the confidence of a big dog. This dog is suitable for city life, and can prove to be a great companion for a family but not so much with young children as a nanny dog.
  4. Poodle. This is an amazing pet for everyone, including people with allergies. With a curly, low-allergen coat, it does not shed its fur, which is one of its great qualities, which include high intelligence and elegant looks. A poodle has a life expectancy of 10-18 years. All Poodle types – Standard, Miniature, or Toy – also possess a similar aristocratic physical build. When it comes to relationships with family and young children, they rank at 5 stars.
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  6. Belgian Malinois. This breed is another excellent working and guard dog that’s popular for its extraordinary energy and endurance. It is very smart and loyal and lives for its owner. Life expectancy is between 14-16 years. “Belgian Malinois are nearly always free of kidney and liver disease and rarely have heart conditions or luxating patellas,” explained Steffi Trott of Spirit Dog Training. “They tend to be very food-driven dogs and can over-eat especially as they age, so owners should watch out to make sure that their Malinois does not become overweight.”
  7. Icelandic Sheepdog
    This excellent dog has a natural fondness for children and families. Originating in Iceland, this breed is known for its faithfulness to its owner. An Icelandic Sheepdog can live between 12 and 14 years, and it requires little maintenance. However, like some breeds, it can be prone to certain weaknesses. “These dogs can have hip and elbow dysplasia and kneecap luxation,” said Dr. Michelle Burch of Safe Hounds Pet Insurance. “Breeders have the responsibility for testing their dogs for these diseases and not breeding them.”
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  9. English foxhound. This breed is often picked by hunters due to its nature as a hunter and pack-oriented dog. Its extraordinary stamina and perfect physical structure — long, sturdy legs, level back, and deep chest — enable this dog to keep on running for hours in pursuit of prey. “Foxhounds were bred to be of outstanding physical condition, with little or no genetically manifested diseases such as elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, or eye conditions,” said Trott. “Foxhounds are not prone to having rashes or food allergies and often live up to 13 years.”
  10. German Shorthaired Pointer. Known for its hunting skills, this breed is also great as a house dog. Regular exercise is necessary to maintain its health, and it does love outdoor activities. You’ll also grow fond of its loyal and enduring character along with agility and speed. “The most commonly reported diseases in German shorthaired pointers are hip dysplasia, entropion (the eyelid rolls inward toward the cornea resulting in irritation), and some cancers,” explained Dr. Burch. “They are full of energy with a lifespan of ten to 12 years of age.”
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  12. Pyrenean Shepherd. As a descendant of the ancient dogs of the Pyrenees mountains, this herding dog is made of tough character combined with smartness and high spirits. It is very hard-working with high stamina; it can lead a herd through difficult terrains for long hours. When it comes to living with a family, this breed is naturally affectionate, although you should not expect it to be great at taking care of young children. “The breed is notably free of many genetic diseases, is not prone to heart conditions or cancer, and tends to be very easy keepers,” said Trott. “Only rarely are they prone to food allergies or skin rashes. They can live up to 17 years.”
  13. Basenji. Also known as Africa’s Barkless Dog, this dog does not bark. Instead, it communicates with sounds that many call a yodel. This dog is a natural hunter, but it is also a good family dog with a life expectancy of 13 – 14 years. It requires regular exercise. “These sweet African sighthounds are long-lived and have few health conditions for you to worry about,” said dog expert Jeff Carbridge. “Fanconi syndrome and anemia are the main concerns, but these are very rare, and responsible breeders will have tested parents for them beforehand.”

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