A Woman Was Traumatized by a Cat and Couldn’t Interact with Animals Until She Met a Healing Bunny

When someone has been traumatized, their body will send warning signals every time they encounter the trigger. A person will most likely avoid the cause of trauma at all costs, get extremely emotional, or panic during the moment. Healing will vary depending on the trauma inflicted on the person. For instance, an animal attack can immensely change your perspective regarding the creature. You don’t want to be near that particular animal or even look at them. Sometimes when the trigger is a dog or a cat, you’d never want a pet at home. For some, they are a source of joy for some, but for others, they are terrifying.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Healing from animal trauma can be difficult, mainly when you see pets almost every day — whether at the mall or in your neighborhood. Ironically, some people overcame their fear after meeting another animal. They just needed to find an adorable creature who would make them see animals again in a different light. For Shirley, it was Cecil that helped her interact with animals again — he is indeed a healing bunny. Despite the trauma, the hopping source of joy came to her home, and he was her very first pet. “Growing up, I was actually pretty scared of a lot of animals. I had like a bad experience as a kid with a cat, and it kinda like scarred me for life,” Shirley explained.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Her healing journey started when she took care of a friend’s bunny. After that, her love for rabbits began, and she found the perfect one to adopt. She and her partner clearly made the right choice with Cecil — he’s a natural-born charmer. Fascinatingly, it wasn’t just Shirley who had difficulty interacting with animals, because Cecil was initially shy and timid during his first few days at home. But as time went on, the shy bunny became the happy hopper that completed Shirley’s daily life. You can clearly see how content he is at Shirley’s home, especially when Cecil excitedly does zoomies and binkies in the hallway. Cecil’s joyful, energetic, and warm aura can truly heal the scars of the past — he was meant to be in his fur mom’s life.

“He’s fully free-roamed. He sleeps wherever he likes. He hates it when anyone touches his blanket. He will start running towards you immediately like, ‘why are you touching my stuff?’” Shirley lovingly shared. She knows the bunny so well that they have already established a daily routine. They also ensured that the house was bunny-proofed. Sometimes he still tries to bite into electronic cables, which is a hassle for Shirley, but she does her best to keep them out of reach. Despite that, she holds him dearly and continues to provide him with the best life. From getting scared of animals to living with one, you could truly say that Shirley is doing better and that Cecil is a healing bunny. Experience his charms and the happiness that radiates from the video below.

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