This Happy Dog Dances to Bring Sunshine During a Rainy Day

Rainy days are always associated with mishaps and melancholy. It’s a metaphor for moments when a person feels under the weather — when problems keep piling up. For some people though, the rain doesn’t mean sadness; they find joy in it and love the rain to the point that it brings them comfort more than sunny days. Being in love with the rain can also mean a person can still see the brighter side of things — even if it means canceling plans, delayed blessings, and a muddy environment.

Photo: Pexels/Vlad Chețan

Moreover, dancing in the rain is a film formula that indicates happiness and freedom, especially with a loved one. A therapy dog named Whiskers showed that even in real life, some people or animals still dance under the rain. The video went viral on Instagram after it was uploaded to Whiskers’s personal page. The first part of the video showed that the cheerful goldie was excited to dance in the rain. While waiting for the gate to open, Whiskers happily wagged his tail — a sign that he was extremely excited to welcome the rain and have some fun.

According to the post’s caption, Whiskers is a pluviophile just like her human mom. As soon as the gate was opened, Whiskers ran to the rooftop and jumped out of joy. He was even tasting rainwater — running around as if greeting every drop of rain. Being a therapy dog truly fits his personality, as Whiskers can easily make someone feel better. The goldie can help you realize that the simplest things in life can bring happiness — everything depends on how you perceive each situation.

Aside from being a therapy dog, Whiskers is a loving family pet. His human parents are so blessed to have him — the dog’s positive outlook on life seems contagious. And it was apparent because the Instagram reel accumulated 4.5 million views, 450k likes, and over 2k comments. Many people can’t help but gush over the video, and it rained heart emojis in the comment section. The sunshine in the form of a golden retriever is a therapy that should always be in your timeline.

Follow the precious dog and shower Whiskers with love. Share his video with family or friends who need to smile today.

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