Miniature Donkey Says “Hello” To His Family Every Morning

An adorable donkey named Hank has become a viral sensation thanks to the adorable way he greets people.

In fact, every morning, he wakes up and says “hello” to his family and it’s quite cute!

Hank the donkey lives at the Triple Brook Farm in Ball Ground, GA, with his family.

In a video shared by the popular YouTube channel We Love Animals, Hank’s owner, Tabatha, calls Hank’s voice “shocking” because of how loud it is.

She said, “It’s kind of shocking. He’s a little guy and he has a really loud voice.” She added, “It’s hard not to smile when Hank ‘says; good morning.”

It’s easy to see why! His loud voice is just too cute. When Hank sees Tabatha or another family member, he comes charging their direction while letting out a loud “hello” or “good morning.” He may think that’s what he’s saying, but to our ears, it sounds like a loud shriek.

Tabatha regularly shares about Hank on Instagram, and it’s hard not to fall in love! He’s so friendly and really defies the stereotypes put against donkeys.

Instead of stubborn and cold, Hank is loving, kind, gets along with the other animals, and follows his family wherever they go.

If you want to see Hank charging Tabatha while belting out a “good morning” howl, check out the video below:

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