With More than 2 Million Views, This Hand Choreography Will Surely Make You Smile

Our hands have many uses in our daily life.

From the moment we wake up, our day begins with a flurry of activities that require our hands, like washing our faces, cooking and eating breakfast, taking a bath, donning our clothes, and carrying our bags and stuff on the way to school or work.

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In school or at work, our hands are essential for accomplishing many of our tasks for the day. Coming home, we also need them in preparing dinner, washing dishes, and getting ready for bed.

Our hands’ routine sounds almost tedious. But hey, they are not just for doing tasks. There are lots of things that we do with our hands that bring joy, like playing a variety of sports and video games, swimming, dancing, biking, baking, and so much more.

Photo: Tiktok/deadpaul19_ph

When it comes to entertainment, his hands are a magician’s number one instrument in performing dazzling tricks. Known as sleight of hand or legerdemain, this is a magician’s art of deceiving people through manual dexterity. The sleights are often used in performing card tricks like The Double Undercut, Topping the Deck, The Side Steal, The Jog Shuffle, The Cross Cut Force, Depth Illusion, and The Classic Force. These sleights of hand are not only for magicians; anyone can learn and master these tricks.

Another fun-filled show especially for kids is hand shadow puppetry. Parents can perform this at home to amuse their children. Animals are the easiest to create through hand shadows, and you can weave your own stories with hand shadow puppets as your actors.

Photo: Tiktok/deadpaul19_ph

In fact, hand shadow puppetry is a great way to bond with your family. Surely, your kids will be eager to create shadow puppets with their own hands, and it’s very easy to teach. Enhance their creative minds and enrich their imagination with this art.

Meanwhile, here’s another inspiring piece of entertainment — a hand choreography — with more than 2 million views on Tiktok! It looks like a kaleidoscope!


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