This Han Solo’s No Smuggler, Scoundrel, or Hero. He’s Just a Frisky Teenage Cat!

He’s no smuggler, scoundrel, or hero. This Han Solo wasn’t the captain of the Millennium Falcon or one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance, either. He doesn’t even know who Chewbacca is, much less identify him as his copilot. No, this Han Solo is a different breed altogether.

adoptable cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Adoptable Cat

As unique as his beautiful looks – pure white with one blue and one yellow eye – our Han Solo has the personality to match. While he appears sweet and innocent in his photos, he’s truly a wild child teenager of a 1-year-old, but we say this in the best possible way ever! Actually, this Han Solo is so much fun and will keep his human entertained for hours, whether it’s playing with toys on his own or with his human.

adoptable cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Kitty Hijinks

When he’s done playing, Han Solo will rub all over you and snuggle. He loves to weave between feet and ankles to get your attention and has a deep, soothing purr that is stress relieving as you pet him. He’s quite the package, but certain to bring a lot of love and joy to his future forever family!

Han Solo does okay with quiet dogs who would ignore him. Being a teen, he tends to want to rough play with other cats. This can sometimes turn into bullying, but will likely improve now that he’s neutered. He wants to play with others but is too overzealous and then they don’t want to be his friend, so playful kitties would be ideal for his home and/or dedicated playtime.

With his teenage antics, he would love playtime sessions with kids, but with caution.

adoptable cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Just the Cat Facts, Ma’am

Han Solo is neutered, current on all his vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He is also house-trained and has no special needs. If you’re interested in adding this fun-loving, sweet boy to your family, please fill out an adoption application on the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue website.

If you have questions that need answering before moving on to the adoption stage, you can reach out to them at (520) 200-1643 or by emailing them at Please share Han’s information with as many people as you can to help improve his chances of adoption.

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