He Thought He Was Just Fostering A Cat, But That Cat Led to Unexpected Changes

Animals can bring positive changes in a person’s life — humankind is blessed with their existence. This is the common denominator of most pet owners. The pets they adopted have changed their life and saved them from sadness. It’s one of the main reasons why some people suddenly turn into pet lovers. Once you experience the love and joy of living with a pet, you’ll just find yourself hooked. Abdul was one of those people who went through the same changes after getting a pet. He was not a cat person — he didn’t even grow up with any pets. But after his first feline friend, Abdul’s love for cats grew every day.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“Sometimes, I foster two or three at a time because if they have siblings who are available, I don’t really like to separate them,” Abdul explained. From his first adoption until now, he already has five lovely felines at home. His house transformed into a homier place because of his cats. Every time he walks around the house, a trail of cats follows him. Abdul’s home became livelier, and he felt comforted in the presence of his clowder.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

According to Abdul, his love for cats started with his first foster. He received an email indicating that a cat named Bambi was in a kill shelter in North Carolina. The cat stole Abdul’s heart, and he decided to adopt Bambi — Abdul claims it’s a match made in heaven. Bambi was his first pet, and he immediately noticed their connection. They were each other’s comfort and stress relievers. “They say I rescued her, but I feel like she rescued me,” Abdul sweetly said.

With his experience with Bambi, he eventually got addicted to cats. He fostered a few more kittens who all needed a loving home. Two years have passed since Abdul started adopting cats, but he is still willing to care for more. Aside from adopting, Abdul was able to foster 18 cats and brought them to their new-found homes. Cats are his source of happiness, but Abdul was also a blessing to them. The digital content creator shares his life with his cats on Instagram and TikTok. If you can relate with Abdul, you can follow him on his socials and support his cat-inspired business.

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