Man Rescues Duckling and Then Fights to Save Her from Euthanasia

A day in the life of a musician.

But this was not an ordinary day for Denique. From his window, he could see a baby duckling across the street.

Then, to his surprise, when he went out, the baby duckling was following him! It even waddled until it reached Denique’s doorstep.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Denique found the baby duckling and its behavior cute, but he could also sense the danger that was awaiting the very young bird who was alone in a busy street. Where could its family be?

Seeing that the duckling could not find its way home, and having no idea where it came from, Denique decided to take it into the safety of his house. Then he searched online for ways to take care of a stray duck, planning to take it to the wildlife rescue center the following day.

Well, if he was surprised at finding a lone duckling in a busy street, Denique was even more astonished upon hearing that the staff at the wildlife rescue center intended to euthanize the small, innocent bird instead of finding a way to keep it alive and healthy!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

And so, he took the duckling back home and named her Peepa. He would think of the next step he should take later. What’s important at the moment is the bird’s survival.

Again, he did his research and found that oatmeal mixed with water would be a good diet for a duckling. Peepa loved it! Denique couldn’t forget how she looked at him while happily chomping her food.

It was the beginning of an unusual but wonderful friendship. They would take walks in the park, where Peepa enjoyed the natural surroundings along with him. Yes, they were like best friends immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Peepa has also fallen in love with Denique’s music. She will even go to his keyboard and walk all over it, delighted in the new experience. Her chirping is therapeutic for Denique, and he decided to record her lively “singing.”

But Denique knew he had to do what was best for Peepa, to find her a forever home. His house was not suitable for a duck; she needed a place where she could be with her kind and meet other animals.

Finally, he found a farm that was willing to adopt Peepa. The good thing about it was that Denique could easily visit his beloved duckling on a bike. Yes, in a way, they could still stay close.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

To Denique’s surprise, Peepa did remember him when he visited her at the farm. She was chirping so happily, and Denique found it hard to describe the feelings that overwhelmed him.

From then on, he would visit the sweet duckling every month. They have a bond that grows stronger and stronger with time. Denique admitted that it was an unusual but wonderful friendship he wanted to keep forever.

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