Poor Anteater Stuck in a Fishing Net Needed a Hero to Save Him

Sharing an environment with wild animals requires a lot of adjustments, especially for humans. There are moments when those animals will surprise you with random appearances, and it might be because they are curious about the changes in their surroundings. Most wild animals are harmless — they’ll only become defensive when threatened.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Although humans and animals can live in harmony, there are times when wild animals get into a sticky situation because of humans. An example of this case was the anteater who got stuck inside a fishing net. The anteater was found in Los Buzos, Panama — a fishing resort on the Pacific coast. Adam Fisk, the manager of the fishing resort, was the person who saw the anteater. He documented the rescue mission — which was featured in The Dodo.

According to Adam, the anteater was in the kayak lodge but seemed scared to move. Apparently, dogs were somewhere in the vicinity — that might cause a stir if they saw the anteater. Adam called one of his friends, and they decided to relocate the poor mammal. With the help of a large hand net, the guy carefully removed the anteater from the fish wires. The rescue became a bit challenging because the anteater was being feisty. It seemed defensive since it felt anxious the whole time it was stuck. It was a mean one, but later on, the anteater stopped resisting.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“We found out that he was stuck in a net, so that’s why he was there, and he was all calm because he’s been so tired,” Adam explained. To safely relocate the anteater, Adam’s friend had to wear thick safety gloves to hold the anteater. After everything’s been settled in, they drove to an area where the anteater could safely roam.

The guys left the anteater near a swamp — it seemed so excited for its freedom that it ran as soon as it touched the ground. Now, the anteater will be away from dangerous places, especially dogs. The people of Los Buzos are exemplary humans who share the same environment with wild animals. Thanks to them, an anteater is back to his natural habitat.

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