Giant Bunny Acts More Like A Dog Than A Rabbit

When most people think of having rabbits as pets, they picture small furry animals that sit around in little cages. But rabbits are so much more than that! They’re complex animals that need a lot of space, exercise, love, and care.

Each rabbit has its own unique personality, but some rabbits are more unique than others. Just take Guus, for example.

Guus lives in Amsterdam with his owner, Danielle, but he’s not your usual rabbit.

Weighin in at more than 22 pounds, Guus is far larger than the aver 6-pound rabbit. It’s not just his size that makes him unique either! His personality is just as extraordinary, as Danielle claims he acts more like a dog than a bunny.

In a video shared by the popular YouTube channel We Love Animals, Danielle explained:

“The behavior of [Gus] is very similar to a dog which was, like, unexpected and he knows how the door is to go to the garden. He always jumps up to the door and tries to open it.…Rabbits love banana or, like, strawberry, and Guus is actually scared of a banana. When you put a piece of banana in front of his mouth and he’s like smelling and he’s just like pulling back. … It’s funny to see what’s ‘normal,’ when all the bunnies go left, he goes right straight away.”

Danielle wanted others to experience Guus’ unique personality so she started an Instagram page dedicated just to him and he’s amassed thousands of fans!

It’s easy to see why. He’s so adorable!

Check out the video below to see more of Guus:

You can keep up with Gus on Instagram, @guus_the_flemish_giant.

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