Rescue Rebuild Gives Florida Animal Shelter Complete Makeover And Improves The Lives Of Homeless Animals

Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild team is on the road again and heading back to Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers, Florida to finish a project they started last year.

The no-kill animal shelter gives countless homeless pets the second chance they deserve. They work hard to feed and care for all of the pets until they find loving homes without any state or government support. After years of wear and tear, the shelter was in need of renovations and improved spaces for the cats and dogs.

Rescue Rebuild, along with volunteers and shelter staff, did what they do best…used hammers and nails to help an animal shelter in need. But they couldn’t do it without support from generous people like you.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Phase one of the project involved transforming the lobby into a welcoming space, renovating a cat room into a space any feline would be happy to play in, and creating comfortable places for adopters to meet pets.

The old flooring, paint, and decor were removed in the lobby and replaced with fresh new pieces that are functional and inviting.

The new cat room features a palm tree cat scratcher, which attracts cats of all ages, and custom shelves on the wall for cats to climb and lounge on. A spacious catio allows cats to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while new paint colors and decor complete the look.

In the middle of the cat room is a glass-enclosed space where adopters can meet and interact with adoptable cats. Two multi-purpose rooms adjacent to the lobby were designed in part to feature pets that have been at the shelter a long time.

Check out the before and after in the video below.

These renovations have improved the lives of shelter cats and the staff.

Thanks to your daily clicks, shopping at The Animal Rescue Site, and donations we were also able to help cover some of the costs of renovations and supply the animal shelter with pallets of much-needed dog and cat food and tasty treats.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

The team left last summer with the intent of returning to renovate the dog area. That time has come.

The skilled workers are hard at work tearing out the old dog kennels and preparing the area for phase two of the project- larger spaces for dogs.

The plan is to transform the space with fresh paint and large glass-front dog kennels. Big dogs will benefit from the increased space and all dogs will enjoy the unobstructed view.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Help cover some of the costs to build new kennels and improve the lives of homeless dogs by donating here.

Gulf Coast Humane Society thanks everyone involved. “So thankful to our friends at Greater Good Charities and Rescue Rebuild who have traveled here from around the country to help us in our remodeling of our Canine Cove area.”

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