Here Are Expert Tips for Shaping Eyebrows to Enhance the Beauty of Your Face

“Most people aren’t completely symmetrical,” explained Benefit Cosmetics Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey. “But properly looked-after brows can actually create the illusion of evenness.”

Yes, aside from providing protection for our eyes from sweat and other liquids, eyebrows can add to the beauty of someone’s face. We just have to get them sculpted in a way that enhances our facial features.

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But, there are times that we cannot go to a salon to get our eyebrows shaped to perfection due to busy schedules. That is why it is practical to learn the basic techniques and master them at home so you will always look your best regardless of the season and time of the day.

  • Step 1: Get all the necessary stuff ready and locate a place with natural light. You should have an eyebrow pencil, slanted stainless steel tweezers, a spoolie brush, and a pair of sharp eyebrow scissors, according to brow specialist Joey Healy, owner of the New York City-based Joey Healy Brow Studio. Meanwhile, Bailey recommends a clear eyebrow gel instead of a brush, but use what is comfy for you. He also advised preparing some cold compresses by putting cotton balls or soft paper towels in water for a few moments, then chilling them in the refrigerator.
    Afterward, wash your face and make sure that there are no make-up or skincare product residues on your eyebrows. Then, look for a place with natural light and without any disruptions so you can fully focus on your eyebrow shaping. Do not try to use a magnifiying mirror, which may cause you to overshape your brows.
  • Photo: YouTube/Goodhousekeeping
  • Step 2: Use this map technique to determine the shape of your eyebrows. According to Bailey and Healy, you should begin by identifying three key parts of the eyebrow: the head (the part that is closest to your nose), the arch (the brow’s natural highest point), and the end of the tail (the part that is nearest to the eye’s outer corner. Begin by resting a thin pencil or a closed brow tweezer vertically against your nose and mark it with a microliner. Afterward, rotate the pencil outward and stop at the outer edge of eye’s iris where the brow would naturally arch.
    Healy explains that this spot is typically two-thirds of the way from the head to the tail. This spot must be marked, too, before moving the pencil further and halting at your eye’s outer corner. Mark this spot, as well, which is the end of the tail. Repeat the process with your other eyebrow, then connect the three markings with straight lines just below and above your eyebrow, thereby creating a map that clearly shows which hairs you must remove with a tweezer — those outside the lines.
  • Photo: YouTube/Goodhousekeeping
  • Step 3: Tweeze with care. Also, you may want to set a timer to be able to stop yourself from becoming obsessed with removing all unwanted hair. Bailey recommends using two hands to tweeze properly and you do this by holding the skin taut with one and gently removing a hair at a time. Also, tweez the hair in the direction of its growth to protect the follicle.
    Meanwhile, according to Healy, setting a timer for fifteen minutes and stopping upon hearing the alarm will help to control compulsion which many people experience when removing unwanted hair. For him, the key areas needing cleanup are the space between the heads of both brows, forehead spot just above your temples and below the arches. But, remember to always groom with caution.

Now, after delicately grooming your eyebrows, it’s time for some spa time. Use your cold compresses on those areas that may appear red or feel itchy, suggests Bailey.

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