Groomer Takes On 200-Pound St. Bernard

A massive St. Bernard gave a dog groomer a run for her money thanks to his thick coat and huge body. Thankfully, he ended up being a gentle giant.

Vanessa De Prophetis of Girl With The Dogs regularly shares videos about her life as a groomer on YouTube, where she has nearly 2 million subscribers.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

Her most popular videos feature her canine clients whom she has the honor of cleaning up with a bath, haircut, nail trim, and more.

In a recent video, Vanessa shared about her experience with an unusually large client: a 200lb St. Bernard!

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

Rumi, the 5-year-old St. Bernard, traveled all the way from New York State to Ontario in Canada to visit Vanessa, and the dog groomer admitted that he was the largest St. Bernard she’s ever groomed.

In the video, you can watch as Vanessa works through a wash of Rumi’s coat before moving on to the hair-drying session. She referred to his bath as the “biggest workout of the week.”

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

After Rumi’s hair was dry, which Vanessa admitted took “300 years” to complete, it was time to detangle and trim his fur to prevent matting and tangles. He really looked spiffy at the end!

You can watch Vanessa take on one of her biggest clients ever in the video below:

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