Adorable Pup Goes From Freshly Groomed To Mud Puddle Dirty

Giving your dog a bath is not always the greatest treat in the world. Some dogs enjoy it but for other dogs, it’s a struggle, to say the least.

Perhaps that is why people will take their dog to the groomer and there certainly is something fun about dropping off a messy dog and picking up a beautifully groomed animal.

Photo: TikTok/@fernandakreibich

Of course, we realize that the grooming process is only something temporary. Some dogs even appreciate their new look, but it won’t be long before they begin to show some wear and tear.

This is something that happened with Luna, a dog that was taken to be groomed by a professional. Her human was so happy with how she looked that she began taking a video of Luna.

The video didn’t turn out well. Then again, people loved it and it went viral.

Photo: TikTok/@fernandakreibich

Fernanda Kreibich had taken her beloved Luna to be washed and groomed. She has an all-white coat, and when she picked her up, the dog was beautifully soft and extra clean.

After being picked up, Luna was taken to Kreibich’s fiancé for a visit. They went to his work site and maybe that wasn’t the best idea she ever had.

There were some rain puddles at the muddy work site and Luna decided they were too tempting to ignore. Suddenly, the freshly groomed dog was knee-deep in mud, and getting muddier by the minute.


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This seemed strangely out of character for the dog because she usually does a good job of keeping herself clean. She doesn’t even like getting her paws wet but suddenly, she was wallowing in the mud like a pig.

Kreibich also said that Luna was so proud to be rolling around in the mud. She was having a lot of fun.

Photo: TikTok/@fernandakreibich

As you can imagine, most people would be frustrated with the situation. They certainly wouldn’t want to have to take their dog back to the groomer and pay for another cleaning all over again.

This dog owner, however, is happy that Luna finally is no longer nervous about getting dirty. She is willing to give her the support she needs, as long as she has fun doing it.

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