After Two Years Apart, Soldier Shows Up At Store To Surprise Mom While She’s Shopping

A mother went out to the supermarket to buy some groceries in what she thought would be a normal day of shopping.

Little did she know, she was about to receive the surprise of a lifetime.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

The woman’s son is in the military and had been at his post in Germany. The two of them hadn’t seen each other in two years, especially since the pandemic made it harder for him to travel and prevented him from being able to visit home.

When it was finally time for him to return from his post and head home, he knew he wanted to surprise his mom in a special way that she would never expect.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

With help from family, he showed up at the grocery store while his mom was there shopping.

He walked down the aisle and slowly made his way around the corner, toward his mom.

As soon as she saw him, she let out the loudest shriek of joy and immediately dropped to her knees. She couldn’t believe that her son was standing right in front of her.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

After sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, she finally got up and gave him the biggest hug ever.

“She hasn’t seen her baby in forever!” one of the family members cried out while filming the special surprise homecoming.

It’s safe to say that this is a shopping trip she will never forget!

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below:

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