Grizzly Bear Mauling Moose Interrupts Montana Wedding

When we picture our wedding day, we like to imagine things going off without a hitch. The moment we say our vows, the world seems to hold still for a brief moment as all the cares of the world disappear. All that matters is the love you share between you and your partner.

Of course, weddings never go exactly as planned and there can be untimely interruptions. Hopefully, a long-lost lover isn’t coming to reject the big day, but other interruptions can happen as well. Just ask the couple in the video below.

Photo: YouTube/Stanton Giles

The renowned videographer Stanton Giles was present for the couple’s Glacier National Park-based wedding, and he was in charge of capturing the moment on film.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but during the vows, the wedding faced an unusual interruption: a nearby grizzly bear started mauling a moose!

Photo: TikTok/@filmsbystanton

The gruesome scene played out on the riverbank just across from the couple’s ceremony spot. It was loud and bloody, but Giles continued to film the groom’s vows and didn’t let the distraction get the best of him.

In the end, Giles flipped to film the grizzly attack and managed to capture it on video as well. He shared the footage to TikTok with the caption, “When a bear kills a moose during your wedding.”

You can watch the clip for yourself below, but viewer discretion is advised:

@filmsbystanton When a bear kills a moose during your wedding 🤯 #weddingtiktok #wedding #natureismetal #weddingfail ♬ original sound – Films by Stanton

In a separate video Photo: YouTube/Stanton Giles[/caption]

It’s an interesting way to start a marriage, to say the least. Some might take such a gruesome scene playing out during the vows as a bad omen, but to others, it’s simply Mother Nature doing what she does.

You can watch the full version of Giles video below:

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