Endangered Grey Wolf Finds A Comfy Place To Nap In The Snow

When most of us think about getting comfortable, we think about having a nice, warm and soft place to sleep. It seems as if that may not be the case when it comes to the Mexican gray wolf, and we get to see it for ourselves thanks to a unique video.

The wolf, who was named Jean by the Wolf Conservation Society, was the subject of a video that has gone viral on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Wolf Conservation Center

That rare and endangered Mexican gray wolf seems to have found her comfortable spot, although it isn’t what many of us would consider the ideal place to take a nap.

Jean provides a very calming presence for those at the Wolf Conservation Society. They speak about her eyes, that “hold great wisdom and compassion,” which is a quality that wolves often share. It seems to rub off on the humans that care for her.

In a separate video, the organization talks about the efforts that the conservation center has taken in order to ensure that the species does not go extinct.

The Mexican gray wolf (lobo) is a specific type of wolf that lives in the Western Hemisphere. It is also one of the most endangered mammals living in North America.

Photo: YouTube/DW News

If it weren’t for some reintroduction efforts in 1998, which reintroduced the Mexican gray wolf to the wild, they would likely be gone by now. Overhunting, trapping, and poisoning practically drove them to extinction.

Approximately 200 Mexican gray wolves live in New Mexico and Arizona as of the last count. There are also a few dozen in Mexico.

Photo: YouTube/DW News

Unfortunately, illegal killings have kept the numbers from growing as high as they should, with 119 being killed illegally since 1998, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

You can see more in the video below:

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